as i sit here, helping with some diy wedding projects, at my future sister-in-laws house, i’m reminded of this picture. this was our first trip to meet our new soon-to-be extended family, a quiet moment before celebrating jarek & whit’s engagement. and possibly the first time it sank in that my little bitty brother was getting married. which might explain my signature wrap and squeeze move. if you haven’t already, you’ll notice a pattern.

we fell even more in love with whit this weekend after meeting her friends and family. they quickly became our friends and family.

p.s. i know it looks as though i’m sniffing him but i’m not. promise. that would be weird.

2 more days! 2 more days! i only teared up once today. i think that’s pretty good.

make that twice.

photo #4: jarek & i at whitney’s house in florida, the weekend of their engagement. he’s totally calm. i’m totally emotional. per usual.

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