always been a fan. the casual kind who used her music in fashion shows and loved it when they secretly got married. okay, maybe the occasional brief obsession with a really great video. but, never a ‘stan’ or a ‘bey’ or a ‘hive’ or whatever it is. now, with that being said, i’m kinda loving Beyonce’s new tumblr.

the candids are really sweet. i haven’t followed yet. afraid of what the constant exposure might do to my psyche. and while looking at all these beautiful moments of a famous person’s life might in some ways make me feel crazy, it mostly makes me feel better about the demands i put on j and i to take an incessant amount of photos.

so j, this. this is the kind of photo surplus we’re striving for. friends and family, you too.

welcome to tumblr, Bey.

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