guys. i’m just. i feel elevated. my spirit is so full. you know when you just have one of those days. a day full of affirming messages and so much love. where you feel like everything is amazing and anything is possible. today was one of those days. it’s taken me hours to put it into words because i’ve felt so wonderfully overwhelmed, and i wanted to be as present in it as possible. but i know i’ll never be able to sleep if i don’t get this out.

today i participated in this amazing event: the LOVE mob. a group of beautiful souls got together to spread love on skid row. we gave out clothing and toiletries. we held hands. we hugged. we sang and danced. we connected with each other and with the people we were helping. there was so much love. and an individual milestone moment: i got to personally thank Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith for his contribution to my life. he spoke to the group, i expressed my gratitude, we hugged, it was beautiful. i’m grateful for the entire Love Mob experience. there is a shift happening. there is so much good. and an ABUNDANCE of love. it’s everywhere. it’s in us. it’s growing. we can change the world. there are big movements and there are small acts. they are all significant. they’re working because we’re working. it’s so incredible. i hope i can continue to be a part of whatever spreads this feeling. thank you, thank you, thank you to Preston, Allison, Quddus, the entire LoveMob team, and all the volunteers (including some of my fave LA folks). God is love. all is love. all is God. and so it is.


also, i must admit. this high, this elevated state, was only enhanced by watching the Beyonce documentary, Life is But a Dream, in a room full of awesome women. i know, i know what you’re thinking, but it’s real. watching Bey doing it her way, that work ethic, her love for her husband, hearing her talk about her lessons and appreciation for empowering women, her choice to live and create freely…it was inspiring. yes, the performance footage was phe-nomenal, and those costumes, and her seemingly flawless unmade face, and those scenes between her and Jay (frankly, i’m over not being best friends with them.) but, for her willingness to share so much of herself, i applaud her. i was moved. and the energy, from her and in the room between all us girls…amazing. i know how ridiculous this must sound. but it’s the truth. sometimes, even in a simple something on TV, you can get something of value. the signs, the messages, the energy…it’s everywhere. in all forms. we just have to be open to it.
today just felt…encouraging. and affirming. and i feel energized and confident. in who i am, in where i’m at…it all feels connected and good. i’m excited. i feel something greater in me, around me, and i’m recognizing it in others. God, love, all of it. it’s amazing. what a beautiful day. shared with such beautiful people. i am so blessed. happy birthday week to me.

one more thing. i’m thinking of creating a club. a club of girls who get together to learn Beyonce’s dance routines. and that thing she did on the piano in that one scene. and possibly a subgroup that recreates her costumes in pajama form. in case anyone is interested… #LOVE

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